Training arms twice a week on steroids

Hi Steve, My Name Is Daniel. I am 15 And i wrestle. I am in already great shape im 5'5 weighing 150, most muscle. My brother and siters fiance and I are having a contest to see who improves the most on his 4 month deployment. I already have nutrition diets and i started taking creatine to improve me and have pre workouts following protein shakes. but i need a intense workout to help me in the following categories: Bench, Deadlifts, shoulder press, and i think squats. can you give me a 9 week program to improve thoes 4 categories at the most? Preferably 5/7 day workouts, 2 day rest.

I should mention that coincidentally, I'd recently started working in the fundraising department at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), a top cancer hospital that my doctor was affiliated with. I wore my wig when I interviewed at Memorial in September 2008, but I didn’t mention that I had been diagnosed with cancer less than a year earlier. I wanted to be hired because I had the skills they were looking for, not my health history. Luckily, I got the job. But right after I ran my half in January, my doctor confirmed that my Hodgkin’s lymphoma was back. 

We feel it’s our solemn duty to let you, our astute readers, know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a one-in-a-million kind of guy, if not a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. “No kidding,” you say. “Why are you telling us something we’ve known since we had muscles worth flexing?” By overstating the painfully obvious, we hope to make the point that as a uniquely gifted athlete, Arnold was capable of doing things in a gym that most mere mortals might find overtaxing if not damn near impossible. Even in advanced athletes, symptoms of overtraining, including chronic fatigue and injury, can result from trying to follow Arnold’s workouts to a T or a T3. That being said, we believe that all bodybuilders young and old, novice and pro can benefit by following the principles presented by Arnold in this article.

Training arms twice a week on steroids

training arms twice a week on steroids


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