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Baroni and his girlfriend were married on October 12, 2008. [22] Baroni was formerly represented for years by MMA agent Ken Pavia but after his move to American Kickboxing Academy Baroni's been managed by Bob Cook and DeWayne Zinkin of Zinkin Entertainment and Sports Management. Phil is now managed by pro mma fighter and professional wrestler Matt "The Granimal" Granahan's the American Combat Association since his move to professional wrestling along with other UFC stars turned pro wrestlers Kamal Shalorus and Dan Severn [23] Before becoming a professional fighter, Baroni worked various jobs including construction, delivering pizzas, bouncing and a car salesman. [24]

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Tiger steroids thailand

tiger steroids thailand


tiger steroids thailandtiger steroids thailandtiger steroids thailandtiger steroids thailandtiger steroids thailand