Steroids tbol vs dbol

The brand name Winstrol refers to a steroid made of the compound Stanozolol. It is used by the muscle gaining community in muscle mass and strength gain. Performance athletes and bodybuilders widely use it. Due to its chemical makeup, Winstrol is a very mild steroid. It being mild explains why it is loved by athletes engaging in activities that require a lot of strength. Because of its low potency, it is considered to be very dangerous to the human body. It is considered so because; Winstrol contains a high dosage of androgens which is less potent and a low dosage of anabolics. For this reason, the medical world considers it as a very dangerous steroid, contrary to the popular belief by its users that it is safe.

Not something I can answer fairly, I'm afraid. I totally screwed up PCT after my Dianabol cycle, as I'd not budgeted enough Nolva for both PCT and combating oestrogenic sides whilst on cycle, so ended up cutting my PCT short, and as a result, lost a LOT of mass, and fell into a deep depression -- I'm guessing through imbalanced hormone levels -- causing my diet to go even further up sh*t creek, and ceasing training completely due to a total lack of motivation. I do plan to try Dianabol again, though, but not before I give Superdrol (Methasteron) a whirl.

Steroids tbol vs dbol

steroids tbol vs dbol


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