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Many bodybuilders use steroids to increase their muscle mass and to build a perfect body shape, during a steroid cycle the muscles have a fast growth, but at the end of the cycle a part of the muscles goes away. This consequence can not be stopped, but there is a way to reduce them and try to preserve a great part of your muscle mass. First we will talk about some processes that happen in the body system during the steroids cycle, this is about: hormone levels, recovery process is faster after the training sessions, nutrients are being faster processed by the body.

by Bill Roberts - Contrary to what many would expect, this compound is actually only a weak agonist of the androgen receptor (AR), with poor binding. It follows, then, that its value must mostly come from non-AR-mediated effects. It is therefore a Class II steroid. Since it is not very effective in activating ARs, it should be stacked with a Class I steroid that is effective in this regard, such as Primobolan , Deca Durabolin , or trenbolone acetate . There is no point in stacking it with Anadrol®, which has similar activity -- one ought to simply use the more appropriate drug. With testosterone or Deca, Danabol / Dianabol is to be preferred; with Primobolan or trenbolone acetate, Anadrol® is to be preferred (though Danabol / Dianabol is still a good choice) because Anadrol® does not aromatize. For an oral-only cycle -- something I don't recommend -- Anadrol® is the better choice in my opinion for that also, at 150 mg/day (preferably divided to 3 or 6 doses.)

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Steroidi prodaja online

steroidi prodaja online


steroidi prodaja onlinesteroidi prodaja online