Steroid inhalers for allergies

After reading this article I thought I should comment and let people know there is a brand new personal home spirometer called Spiro PD which empowers people with asthma to monitor their lung function and enhances compliance and medication adherence. Spiro PD has a built in medication tracker which has alarms that remind patients when to take their medications. The software has a real time stamp so they or their doctor can go back and view their medication and lung function history. Because it alerts you of a fluctuating lung function before you actually feel symptoms, it lets you know if you are responding to treatment and helps you take only the right dose at the right time.

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Pre-pregnancy, it is important to optimise control of your asthma. During pregnancy you should be closely monitored so that appropriate changes to treatment can be quickly implemented in response to any changed symptoms. In general, asthma inhalers are believed to be safe in pregnancy and the risk of harm to the foetus is much greater from having undertreated and poorly controlled asthma. Roughly one third of women find that their asthma improves during pregnancy, one third find that it stays the same, and the final third find that it worsens.

Steroid inhalers for allergies

steroid inhalers for allergies


steroid inhalers for allergiessteroid inhalers for allergiessteroid inhalers for allergiessteroid inhalers for allergiessteroid inhalers for allergies