Steroid in high school sports

Note: The list of possible learning activities listed below is not meant to be all-encompassing. Rather, it is intended to provide teachers and coaches with a sample of extension activities students and/or athletes could do in conjunction with the unit. Many of the research opportunities could be turned into traditional essays or multi-media presentations and shared with other students at your school.

Research collegiate or professional athletes who have admitted to taking steroids while competing and the effects steroids have had on them.
Research the list of banned substances at the collegiate and professional levels and classify them by type.
Conduct a group discussion with a local physician about proper physical and nutritional training for athletics.
Conduct a group discussion with fellow student-athletes on the importance of having a support network for each other to help avoid illegal drug use.

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Bergen Catholic won their first Bergen County Jamboree in 1977, and has a total of nine county championships with the most recent in 2015. Through the history of the Bergen County Jamboree, Bergen Catholic holds the most total games played, total wins, and championship appearances. [ citation needed ] They also rank second in appearances and championships. Bergen has won nine North Parochial "A" state sectional championships and three Parochial "A" state championships. Their most recent success came in the 2001-02 and 2002-03. The 2001 team captured the school's first state championship in more than 10 years with a 71-69 win over St. Augustine Prep . [26] The team would make it to the semi-finals of the Tournament of Champions where they eventually fell to St. Anthony . The 2002-03 team consisted of five Division I players. They finished with a 25-4 record and a #3 ranking in New Jersey. They captured the school's most recent Bergen County Jamboree along with another sectional championship. [27] " The Crusaders won the 2015 Bergen County Jamboree by a 66-44 score in the tournament final, defeating a Teaneck High School team that had previously won four consecutive Jamboree championships. [28]

Steroid in high school sports

steroid in high school sports


steroid in high school sportssteroid in high school sportssteroid in high school sportssteroid in high school sportssteroid in high school sports