Pantothenic acid acne steroids

No dietary requirement for pantothenic acid has been established as synthesis of pantothenic acid by ruminal microorganisms appears to be 20 to 30 times more than dietary amounts. Net microbial synthesis of pantothenic acid in the rumen of steer calves has been estimated to be  mg/kg of digestible organic matter consumed per day. The degradation of dietary intake of pantothenic acid is considered to be 78 percent. Supplementation of pantothenic acid at 5 to 10 times theoretic requirements did not improve performance of feedlot cattle [26]

If the circulating B 12 exceeds the B 12 binding capacity of the blood, the excess is excreted in the urine. This typically occurs only after injection of B 12 . The highest losses of B 12 ordinarily occur through the feces. Sources of fecal B 12 include unabsorbed B 12 from food or bile, desquamated cells, gastric and intestinal secretions, and B 12 synthesized by bacteria in the colon. Other losses occur through the skin and metabolic reactions. Fecal ( Reizenstein, 1959 ) and urinary losses ( Adams, 1970 ; Heinrich, 1964 ; Mollin and Ross, 1952 ) decrease when B 12 stores decrease. Various studies have indicated losses of to percent of the B 12 pool per day ( Amin et al., 1980 ; Boddy and Adams, 1972 ; Bozian et al., 1963 ; Heinrich, 1964 ; Heyssel et al., 1966 ; Reizenstein et al., 1966 ) regardless of the size of the store, with the percent value generally applicable to those with pernicious anemia.

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Pantothenic acid acne steroids

pantothenic acid acne steroids


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