Olympia anabolics review

Like juice, taking a dose isn’t gonna kill u and I think that’s where we draw a line sometimes by saying they can’t kill u as in a dose can’t harm u !
But over time what it can do is complicate parts of the body and the way your kidneys and heart will function, clogged arteries, high blood pressure ect
So i think there are direct links for sure over time !
But even if there were none !! It could be healthier on the heart to be 250-300 pounds of fat then muscle because of the amount of blood the heart has to pump into the muscle is very taxing on it !!

            So, in the course of a year, the pros of the ’70s were cycling twice, for a period of 8-12 weeks each cycle at peak dose. Pyramiding added a few weeks to the beginning and end of the cycle. The cycles were basic and moderate, consisting of 10-50mg of Dianabol (or other oral equivalent, . Winstrol, Anavar) daily, stacked with 200-800mg testosterone ester weekly. Some used Deca or Primobolan in place of or along with testosterone; others may have stayed with an all-oral cycle. [Many do not realize that most of these bodybuilders were getting their drugs through a physician. Nearly all LA bodybuilders in those days were patients of Dr. Kerr. 1 ] It is noteworthy that the cycles used in those days were very similar to the cycles used by most current, non-competitive, anabolic steroid users of today. 2

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve just recently read your comment.
I’m also a nurse (kind of – Healthcare Assistant) in a public hospital.
Also I’ve been a competitive bodybuilder for years.
You said you’ve been training for about 10 months. I suppose, now it’s gonna be 2,5 years.
If you want to be/are a serious bodybuilder or going to the gym just to improve size and quality of your muscles,
don’t worry about weights you use (namely numbers). You’re doing good as long as
they’re heavy enough FOR YOU to perform 6 correct reps and as long as you increase them, even slowly and carefully (to avoid injuries).
A Powerlifter or Weightlifter may want to impress others with weights he uses (because this is their main goal)
but Bodybuilder doesn’t have to. Of course increase of strength is very important in bodybuilding but this is
a secondary goal.
By now you probably know your body’s/muscles’ responses to weight training –
-which muscle groups respond well and which are more stubborn.
As a bodybuilder you need to “listen” to your body in order to give it adequate “regime” so to speak.
Don’t COPY bodybuilding champions’ routines as they’ve been good for THEM.
Everybody is different, unique.
However, in your personal programme you can use some hints, ideas, tricks and methods that advanced bodybuilders use, give them some time and see if it works for YOU.
Prioritize YOUR weak and stubborn muscle on your training sessions.
Namely, train them first, when you have most energy.
Of course after a good warm-up (to lower a risk of injury).
When ir comes to nutrition today’s commercialized bodybuilding generation puts too much emphasis
on suplements. They’re just SUPLEMENTS to right nutrition and not basics or substitute.
They work (still some of them, not all) only if you stick to bases – right diet.
Coming back to training, this is split routine that I’ve been doing for long time and it worked for me:

Olympia anabolics review

olympia anabolics review


olympia anabolics reviewolympia anabolics review