Nudgee college steroids scandal

The Scots College principal Ian Lambert says the school relies on the advice of sports scientists and dieticians when providing protein powders and carbohydrate replacements to students, with their parents' permission, in sports such as basketball. ''Our policy is our staff will manage the general health of students and we provide a lot of advice to students about what is healthy and what is unhealthy,'' he says. ''I think what a lot of people don't understand is, to play at a competitive level, they are doing four or five training sessions and playing a game a week. You can't do that without having a very well-managed strategy for their general health and wellbeing.''

The Great Public Schools Association of Queensland Inc. (GPS) is an elite association of nine south-east Queensland secondary schools established in 1918. With the exception of Brisbane State High School , GPS schools are all-boys private schools. The GPS competition is only open to male students, with the exceptions of Debating and Chess. The corresponding south-east Queensland athletic competition for female secondary school students is the Queensland Girls' Secondary Schools Sports Association (QGSSSA). The GPS competition encompasses a variety of sporting and cultural activities.

Nudgee college steroids scandal

nudgee college steroids scandal


nudgee college steroids scandalnudgee college steroids scandalnudgee college steroids scandalnudgee college steroids scandal