Long term effects of oral steroids

My husband has been on morphine (180 mgs) per day. This is the lower dose as he was taking 800 Mgs per day. He has been on the 180 mgs for 4 yrs. He had a bad operation on the C2-4 20 years ago and has never been the same. Of course he now has stenosous in that area and the pain is never gone, but morphine apparently makes the pain a little manageable. He now is listless and seems more paranoid as well as of ;course constipation. The Docs are working with him, but it looks as though it I simply palliative care for the pain. His thought processes don’t seem logical.

The Royal Society report also recommended, among other things, that a network of LTERM sites be established across Canada; that consideration be given to representativeness,  and both spatial and temporal scale;  that LTERM sites be located in both wilderness and managed landscapes; and that LTERM data be accessible to a variety of users and decision makers, all elements implying some co-ordination among sites. Today, we recognize that there are already many informally established, and invaluable, LTERM sites and researchers across the country, existing outside of the co-ordinated network imagined by the Royal Society.  The absence of such a network reduces the productivity and societal impacts of Canada’s long-term studies. We suggest that many of the aims of the Royal Society panel could be achieved through harnessing these existing LTERM programs, by providing support to improve co-ordination among programs, encouraging collective opportunities, and formalizing the network of researchers and sites. The formation of such an interdisciplinary, investigator-led network is also consistent with recommendations arising from Canada’s recent science review 3 . As such, we propose to establish a formal network of Long-Term Ecological Research and Monitoring in Canada.

Long term effects of oral steroids

long term effects of oral steroids


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