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1 Year training program to Pull-up and Dip with 100% of your bodyweight added. Build strength, power, muscle growth, endurance and control with this compound calisthenics training e-book.

- Have you always wanted to show-off and pull and dip with 100% of your bodyweight added?

- Do you want to gain strength that transfers to almost any other movement? For example the One Arm Pull-up.

- Learn different methods to train and program

- Do you want to gain a lot of muscle and strength with just calisthenics

- Build a very strong temple with this e-book and be ready for anything in your future training

LittleBeastM Performed a pull up with 100% of his bodyweight and a dip with 120% of his bodyweight following this program.

What is inside the e-book?

• Training Schedule and set-up

• 3 Different types of training methods

• How to start and where?

• A detailed 4 phase training program each spanning a minimum of 1 month

• How and when to increase weight

• Every exercise is shown in detail on video!

• Diet Plan sample

• Warm-up routine (on video)

• Shoulder Prehab and Rehab routine (on video)

• Static stretching routine (on video)

...and much much more!

What equipment do I need to follow the program?

Pull-up bar, Dip bar, Gymnastic Rings, Push up handles, Dip belt and Weight plates, resistance bands (warm-up).

This e-Book is suitable for Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Extreme

Pre-Requirements / Warning

You can only begin / perform this progam if you can do 15 bodyweight pull ups and 20 bodyweight dips.

In my opinion the professional calisthenics sport has been for here long time and its perfect, so is pro gymnastics. What freestyle competition shows, will always be just a lesser kind of gymnastics if someone doesn’t create specific rules. That’s why I support mainly basics with added weight for reps or any other kinds of counted sets and reps when it comes to competition, because this will always be fair and it’s easy to make proper rules and enforce them. I also mostly support and promote the movements that makes the workout game special and that’s clean explosive and pulling movements like muscle ups, one arm pull-ups and connections of reps in sets (like the old Hannibal routines for example) – these are skills that we can find in no other sports and that are making calisthenics workout special, nice, elite and different.

Littlebeastm steroids

littlebeastm steroids


littlebeastm steroids