Keifei pharma stanozolol

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The common dose for Dianabol is 30-50mg each day , with a cycle that would usually last between 4 and 6 weeks . 30-40mg would be an effective dose for a person that is new to Dianabol, resulting in great gains in muscle mass and strength, whilst restricting possible side effects. More experience users may wish to take a slightly higher dosage, although like most other compounds, there is a dosage level where the muscle and strength gains plateau off and the side effects heighten, resulting in a point in which it is not worth increasing the dosage. Most experienced users will rarely take a dosage over 70-80mg per day.

IGF1 LR3 is an extremely fragile peptide, and should be handled with care. It can easily be destroyed by improper storage or handling. It is usually supplied in either 100mcg or 1mg peptide vials, containing freeze dried powder that needs to be reconstituted. When reconstituted with % acetic acid solution it has a maximum shelf life of 2 years. If using bacteriostatic water it has a 30 day shelf life, or 24-48 hours with % NaCl sterile water.  When reconstituting add the water very slow to the vial and do not shake it. The solution should be stored in the fridge at 2-4°C.

Keifei pharma stanozolol

keifei pharma stanozolol


keifei pharma stanozololkeifei pharma stanozololkeifei pharma stanozololkeifei pharma stanozololkeifei pharma stanozolol