Immunosuppression caused by steroids

Natural Killer Cell Abnormalities
Natural killer (NK) cells are thought to be an important component of immunosurveillance against virus-infected cells, allogeneic cells, and tumor cells. NK cells typically are large granular lymphocytes that recognize foreign antigens on cells, resulting in activation of lytic machinery. NK cells are phenotypically and numerically normal in AIDS patients, but they are functionally defective. This may relate in part to an observed defect in the trigger mechanism necessary to deliver the lethal blow to a target cell. In addition, defective lymphokine production in HIV-1-infected persons may also contribute to NK cell dysfunction. However, adding IL-2 to these cells in vitro only partially restores NK function.

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I started out on 750mg of Keppra.   After spending 3 days in the hospital after a wreck from having a seizure and blacking out my doctor raised the dosage to 1000mg twice daily.   The seizures still continue and I take my medicine on schedule daily.  Now my doctor has added 100mg Neurontin, 2 pills every 8 hours.  I've had 1 seizure since starting this medicine.  It was very mild, not as intense as some have been.   I've only been taking these new ones along with the Keppra for almost 2 months now.  I haven't had any side effects from the new medicine either.

Immunosuppression caused by steroids

immunosuppression caused by steroids


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