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The shooting of Le Mans was notoriously troubled, with numerous hirings and firings, a near-fatal accident involving champion racer Derek Bell, and McQueen’s increasingly erratic behavior all landing the film in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. And with its star man and producer even missing the premiere and refusing to set foot in a racing car again, it’s little surprise the film flopped on its 1971 release. However, it’s since picked up a cult following impressed by its realism and refreshing lack of special effects.

751 Shares Share On Facebook Tweet Share Email Share Share Pin It Share Comment Deep Space Nine has always been considered the “black sheep” of the Star Trek franchise, due to its serialized storytelling and darker themes. Where likes of the Original Series and The Next Generation offered a hopeful view of the future, Deep Space Nine showed the opposite side of the coin with its focus on politics and the cost of war.

Heart racing on steroids

heart racing on steroids


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