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Hi Issa,
Thanks for the link on the waterer. I’m wanting to do 2 feeder pigs in a paddock shift set-up on about 2-3 acres so any waterer will have to be mobile. In the link, the author had the barrel mounted up off the ground and held in place to keep the hogs from getting it down on the ground and beating it up. I’m curious as to how you guys keep yours in one place.
I guess it would be possible to setup a “wagon wheel” type paddock system with a central watering station that doesn’t move (maybe even on a concrete pad to keep that area from turning into too much of a mess) but that may not work well with my lot-layout.
Thanks in advance.

When Brian decides that he has this urge to find a bone that he buried years ago, Stewie lets him know that it is possible to go back in time and find out exactly where he put it. Brian obliges and the pair travel back to the pilot episode of Family Guy, allowing the two to crack wise on the poor animation and voice-acting that was done while McFarlane and Co. were experimenting with character development. Things seem to go just fine until they arrive back home, as Brian told his past self about the tragedy of 9/11. A civil war breaks out at the hands of George W. Bush, who subsequently lost the Presidential election in 2004. Stewie and Brian continually go back in time to correct everything, only making things worse and worse as it goes along.

Family guy pig on steroids

family guy pig on steroids


family guy pig on steroidsfamily guy pig on steroidsfamily guy pig on steroidsfamily guy pig on steroids