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This is an update on my brother. Judy and I returned Saturday from four days visiting him in a Arizona hospital where he was recovering from a four hour operation to remove blood clots in his leg. On the second day he kept telling me, “Let’s do it.”
“Do what?”
“Get me out of here!” (His color was white.)
They had brought him back from three hours of dialysis and he was hurting.
Pretty soon they had him feeling good.

A nurse adjusted his covers that started a three-ring circus with eight nurses buzzing around him like a bee-hive giving him blood because she found his bed full of blood. An artery stitch had broken.

A doctor came in and used both hands to stop the bleeding. They held a phone for him to call the head doctor to come but he was in surgery. “Get me any doctor to meet me in surgery!” They rolled his bed away and we waited 2 hours before hearing he was in ICU. The next day he was in good spirits, and we came home. He had a skin graph Sunday. If that nurse had not adjusted his covers he probably wouldn’t be here today. It made me think of the poem he had written his wife:

You were made to skip, to kiss, to caress.
I was made to behold your tenderness.
You were made to smile, to please.
I was made to court, to tease.
We’ve run across fields unplowed
And laughed as mountain kissed the cloud

You were made to sing, to laugh, to sigh.
I was made to hold you by my side.
You were made to care for home and child.
I was made to tame the wild.
Together we marched into sweethearts’ land
And answered ever call of its command.

Yes, we’ve danced the valley’s velvet floor.
Yes, we’ve huddled at danger’s door.
We’ve lifted our voices in victory’s cheer.
We’ve prayed in sadness with bitter tears.
Now years have piled up high,
And time has dimed the eye.

Our walk has slowed to an easy gate
It matters not if we are late.
If I should leave too soon this place,
I’ll watch for you from hills of Grace.
When you leave to earth your charms,
I’ll greet you here in Heaven’s arms.

What if no one had ever thought of the possibility of gravitational time dilation? Many might have felt forced to agree with those scientists (including some Christians) that there was no possible solution—the vast ages are fact, and the Bible must be “reinterpreted” (massaged) or increasingly rejected. Many have in fact been urging Christians to abandon the Bible’s clear teaching of a recent creation because of these “undeniable facts.” This reinterpretation also means having to accept that there were billions of years of death, disease, and bloodshed before Adam, thus eroding the creation/Fall/restoration framework within which the gospel is presented in the Bible.

Whenever a Dukh-i-zhiznik zealot would accuse the .-. of indoctrination (being a "church" or teaching American Christianity), it was denied; and the timing of .-. services did not dare overlap with Dukh-i-zhiznik congregational services, to be sure they ended Sunday School with plenty of time for families to attend their "Mother churches."* In reality, about half the families only attended the .-. and went home, while the Dukh-i-zhizniki attended their "mother" sobrania and believed they remotely controlled the organization via the Religious Committee.

Dr christian embarrassing bodies steroids

dr christian embarrassing bodies steroids


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