Cushing disease in dogs steroids

A more recent and less invasive approach is to treat dogs with photonic therapy ; similar to acupuncture except that a special red light is used to stimulate acupuncture points rather than using needles.  Pioneered by a leading Veterinary Surgeon in Australia about 20 years ago, this approach is gaining attention because it can be administered by the dog owner at home and there’s no cost (after a kit is bought).  It’s also a natural therapy with no side-effects.  You can learn more about photonic therapy on this web site .

In closing, if you suspect that your dog might be showing some of the signs of Cushing’s disease it is extremely important to get a diagnosis. Dogs that are able to start a treatment program such as Cushalin, have a much greater chance of living a full and healthy life than those that are not on a specific program. If you have any questions about our product and want to know how it can help your dog fight this disease please feel free to contact us as soon as possible. Time, is extremely important when you dog is suffering from this disease.

Since adrenal tumors have the potential to be malignant, evaluation for evidence of metastasis is needed. If tests indicate the spread of disease has occurred, a veterinary oncology consult is recommended. If there are no signs of metastasis, it does not definitively rule out the tumor’s dissemination. Adrenal tumors can be treated both medically and surgically. Due to the anatomical position of the adrenal glands, surgery can be very difficult and unpredictable. Pet owners should consult a board-certified veterinary surgeon to discuss the benefits and risks of surgery.

Cushing disease in dogs steroids

cushing disease in dogs steroids


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