College athletes use of steroids

This paper is not meant to create a payment plan for players, nor is it meant to say certain players are entitled to millions in compensation. The point is that players should get something in return for their time, because most rational fans know that basketball and football players are not normal students . If it were completely impossible for athletic departments to find it in the budget to pay athletes extra stipends, there would be very little conversation on the topic. This paper does not have a direct solution to that cash flow question. Neither is this paper suggesting large lump sums be paid to these big sport athletes. However, between NCAA television and licensing revenues, and large salaries paid to coaches and staff, a little extra can go toward the stars on the court. In the end, the NCAA does not have much to fall back on when making an argument against some form of compensation. It’s status as an amateur haven is almost erased, and the value of an athlete’s education at schools across the country is in question. Reform may not be simple, but it will be the right thing to do in support of the players.

“Providing financial education online allows all student-athletes the opportunity to get a better understanding of how to maneuver through some financial areas that might impact them now as well as some areas that might impact them in the future,” said Kevin Lennon, NCAA vice president for Division I governance. “iGrad was already working with some schools and had a good platform in place for this type of education. We hope athletics administrators will encourage student-athletes to view the online modules regularly so they are informed and prepared to make key decisions in the future.”

If you decided to transfer then you will need to speak with the academic consoler to make sure your credits will transfer. Many international students, who are currently at high education looking to transfer to a new college, find that when they want to transfer their university credits to a US university their credits are nontransferable. If you are in this situation check with your university to see if the university has any partner universities, this will limit your options to which college you can play for but at least you won’t have to restart your studies.

College athletes use of steroids

college athletes use of steroids


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