Chair conformation of steroids

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A large proportion of mastitis milk samples yield negative or nonspecific results (., no mastitis pathogen can be identified) in bacterial culturing. Therefore, the culture-independent PCR-single strand conformation polymorphism method was applied to the investigation of bovine mastitis milk samples. In addition to the known mastitis pathogens, the method was suitable for the detection of fastidious bacteria such as Mycoplasma spp., which are often missed by conventional culturing methods. The detection of Helcococcus ovis in 4 samples might indicate an involvement of this species in pathogenesis of bovine mastitis. In conclusion, PCR-single-strand conformation polymorphism is a promising tool for gaining new insights into the bacteriological etiology of mastitis.

Monosaccharides can also be represented as Haworth projections in which both five-and six-membered cyclic structures are depicted as planar ring systems, with the hydroxy groups oriented either above or below the plane of the ring ( Figure ). Although not truly representative of the three-dimensional structure of a monosaccharide , the Haworth representation has been used since the late 1920s as an easy-to-draw formula that permits a quick evaluation of stereochemistry around the monosaccharide ring. The Haworth representations are preferably drawn with the ring oxygen atom at the top (for furanose ) or the top right-hand corner (for pyranose ) of the structure; the numbering of the ring carbons increases in a clockwise direction.

Chair conformation of steroids

chair conformation of steroids


chair conformation of steroidschair conformation of steroidschair conformation of steroidschair conformation of steroidschair conformation of steroids