Bulk up fast without steroids

I tested this ammo in a bunch of different guns. Everybody I know has a 9 millimeter, so we just rounded them all up and took them out to the range and ran a couple hundred rounds through them. I didn't have any problems with the ammo in any of the guns. Accuracy was great. We did a little bench rest test at 15 yards. It was really consistent and 100% reliable. No failures to feed, failures to ignite, no light strikes or anything like that. It burned really clean. I didn't have any problem cleaning up the residue when I was done. And you notice with the red sealant on the primer, some other companies that have that leave a really nasty red residue behind in your chamber, but I didn't see any of that with the S&B ammo.

Hi mike,
just wanted to ask your opinion. i Started my bulk about 2 months ago at arounf 7% body fat and a weight of about 139. Now, 2 months in, im at % bodyfat, weight is about 151lbs. I have increased my calorie intake by 100kcal just once during the bulk, when my wight stopped increasing. is the fat gain and weight gain too fast…? am i on track to go atleast 5 months on the bulk before i need to start cutting again…? by the way, although i am gaining strength in the gym, it really sucks to see my cuts slowly fade away, specially my abs. you can still see them, but week after week, i feel like they are slowly fading..
i am taking creatine by the way. does that affect the weight gain?

Bulk up fast without steroids

bulk up fast without steroids


bulk up fast without steroidsbulk up fast without steroidsbulk up fast without steroidsbulk up fast without steroidsbulk up fast without steroids