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As a teen, Marge had waist length hair that she always wore down, but wore it in her trademark beehive for senior prom [32] . In flashbacks showing Marge as a child, she is portrayed with her hair worn tall, which probably means she straightened it when she got older. Her hair is thick enough for her to keep objects like the family savings in it. [33] Her hair is once shown close to her knees, consistent with the logic that a lot of hair would be needed to create her tall beehive. [34] It was revealed by Homer that Marge dyes her hair with blue dye #56, stating "She’s been gray as a mule since she was seventeen." [35] Marge herself has made reference to blue not being her natural color, telling this once to the private camera on a reality TV show. Though, she obviously doesn't want anyone know this as she instantly tried to steal the tape. [36] Because of her unusually large hairstyle, her height is reported to be 8'6", as noted by Apu . [37] Her hair was blue before she met Homer and was brunette the first time she met and kissed Homer. He didn't see her in her usual appearance until they met in high school. This is due to Marge ironing a part of her hair for too long and it turning brown, so she chose to do the same to the rest of her hair to keep it even. [38]

Where in the Wild world of sports did you come with that shoe size stuff? Like it or not Bonds holds the records. My point in all this is how sad it is that fans have to hold these conversations. MLB did this to themselves and it’s never gonna be the same with these records. We can sit and argue all day about who did what meanwhile a once great quest has been diminished so significantly. That’s why the younger generation would rather watch a fantasy football draft show then a MLB game,or a regular season NFL games ratings dwarf WS game ratings..along with College Football.

Blue hearts steroids

blue hearts steroids


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