Ascites caused by steroids

The exact amounts of albumin and each type of globulin are measured through a process called serum protein electrophoresis. This test separates the major proteins in the serum in an electric field to determine the relative concentration of each. Serum protein electrophoresis is a useful test for patients with liver disease because it provides several diagnostic clues. The Albumin/Globulin or A/G ratio describes the relationship between albumin and globulins. The normal ratio is or greater. For example, a patient's albumin is and the globulin is , the ratio is Although the A/G ratio may still be used, serum protein electrophoresis is now used to compare the amount of albumin with globulin.

A low glycemic diet may also be important for itching as well as general health. I have noticed that I have more itchy skin when I eat a lot of sugar and refined carbohydrates. The diet that works the best for me to prevent getting itchy consists of cooked foods (cooking helps kill off any fungus or other microbes) that are low on the glycemic index. I think I itch more with the high blood sugar because that is what fungus and related organisms that make you feel itchy may be feeding off of. The best diet for me seems to be mostly cooked meat, nut, vegetables, fruits, and some beans with low glycemic values . For more information you can also read The Paleodiet by Loren Cordain, or visit his web site.

Ascites caused by steroids

ascites caused by steroids


ascites caused by steroidsascites caused by steroidsascites caused by steroidsascites caused by steroidsascites caused by steroids